Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Some People Have To Put Up With To Earn A Buck

The Shining Knight Pizza delivery!!


  1. All I had to do was fix cars or do some long haul trucking or run my own business. And it all treated me okay, no complaints.

    But I wasn't out to get rich, just to get by, and I've done okay.

  2. Could be worse. Could be a chicken suit.

    The poor saps I always feel kind of sorry for are the ones who stand on street corners twirling signs advertising a new condo development or an oil change special. At least the folks in the costumes are anonymous so they don't have to worry about their friends seeing just how desperate for a paycheck they've become.

  3. When the pizza guy shows up at 11:30 with 3 large pepperoni and mushroom pizzas for the boys who have been smoking pot for 5 hours, he is indeed a shining knight in armor.


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