Monday, April 26, 2010

Saw Something Interesting Today

Today, while out walking to get some exercise, I noticed something. On a newer Ford full-size passenger van the wheels had seven lugnuts. At first I thought I was seeing wrong and counted several times and then further into my walk saw another van with the same kind of wheels. Now in the past I have seen vehicles with 3 lug wheels and 4, 5, 6, and 8 lug wheels. This was the first that I noticed a vehicle with 7 lug wheels. I remember laughing in Driver Ed class at the illustration of a wheel with 7 lugnuts in our Driver Ed book. Turns out whoever drew that picture was way ahead of the times.


  1. maybe it's a guy thing..but not all that interesting to if it was a hippy fan with sunflowers on it...maybe..ha

  2. If anyone cares to know, that van has 8 lug wheels... the hubcap has 7. Ford f150HD is the only truck or vehicle that I know of that has 7 lug wheels. This van is a 3/4 ton and would have 8. This Was just a random piece of info, to anyone who cares to read it!!

  3. I figured that out when I saw a broken wheelcover on the side of the road. The wheelcover has what appears to be seven lugnuts, but that doesn't mean the wheel does.


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