Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Years of Rants, Random Thoughts, Funny Stuff And Other Stupid Shit!!

Started this blog two years ago, and still haven't the foggiest where I'm going with it. I put up stuff that tickles my fancy (if it feels good, do it) or vent about stuff that pisses me off or has me scratching my ass(usually in the category of "How Fucking Stupid Are They"!!) or life in general.

The way it started was one day The Old Lady came home from work and said "Guess what?? I started a blog today. Work was so 'exciting' that I decided to try doing a blog." A couple weeks or so later(or maybe a couple of months) she showed me how to create a blog and when I found my lastname.blogspot was available, I immediately thought of the title for the blog, "Yooper In Crackerland" which describes my situation. Afterwards I came up with the thought of doing another blog to record some of my adventures going down the road as a wage-slave.

Over these two years I have been adding stuff to the blogs and sometimes removing stuff. I've learned how to do stuff like put up videos on the blog, but there is a ton of things I don't know how to do yet. One of the problems I have is I can't remember all the instructions on how to do shit if it isn't written down so I can follow it step by step. Sometimes I'll have a piece of paper with stuff written on it and The Old Lady will clean off her desk and throw it out. Like at one time I had a piece of paper with code on it for how to put a link in a comment and other codes for doing other stuff. It's been gone for a long time now and so I no longer can do those things.

I have no idea if any of my friends and relatives ever read my blogs. I know The Kid reads it, but that's the only one that I know for sure reads my blogs.

Addendum: This was supposed to be posted yesterday on the 26th. Thought I had it set up to automatically post on the 26th. This morning realized it hadn't worked.

Story of my life, "Day late and a Dollar short!!"


  1. i read you..
    when I first started I didn't know how to do anything..I still dont know how to add anything to the side bar or take it off..but can do pictures and videos..
    I started this 5 years and 2,000+ posts daughter reads every once in a son read once and that was the day I referred to his wife as imacuntthedaughterinlaw..and now he not only doesn't read me he doesn't speak to me..sigh* speaks the matter who it hurts..

  2. I don't throw all your notes out. I "organize" them -- you just haven't figured out the filing system yet.


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