Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Different Take On Who Should Be For The Public Option

More GRITtv

Got this video at GritTV.org

I like what he has to say about Capitalism and Christian Values.


  1. I have mixed feelings about it all, I know a lot of people that deserve to die and I don't feel that we should pay to keep them alive.

  2. Clever and witty.

    BBC - How are you paying for them to stay alive?

  3. Kulkuri: this is the best post I've seen in a long while, and I had to rip it for Squatlo Rant... mea culpa, and thanks! I've given you a heads up on my site, hope it generates some traffic...

    Speaking of traffic, BBC, WTF? I've come over here often and I'm always perplexed by your comments~! I can't tell if you're a good dude at heart, or one of those 'get off my lawn' assholes we used to TP when we were kids!
    Like MRMacrum asked, who are you paying to support?
    I read one comment wherein you blasted someone for having drank and smoked herself into a bad condition, and found it more than a little judgmental. Hey, I'm a judgmental sob myself, so I know one when I see one.
    But when it comes to providing health care for the weak, weary, downtrodden, infirm, elderly, mentally ill, and poor among us, who are you or anyone else to cling to the nation's purse as if it's your personal saving account we're tapping into to help defer their pain???
    Just curious... but how does providing for the least among us hurt you, personally? Does the "shoe on the other foot" analogy just not compute in your world? Are you just as financially pissy when the Pentagon needs another obsolete weapons system, or is this righteous indignation just reserved for the unfortunate masses?

    Kulkuri, sorry for the rant. I may be totally mistaken about your comment friend... and if so, I apologize for the misconception. Just don't have a lot of patience with the "I, ME, MINE" crowd these daze...

  4. Damn, I was in a lot better mood before I wrote that last comment.

    Sorry for the interruption, folks...


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