Friday, February 4, 2011

Old School Project

 Back in Jr. High and the first two years of High School, I was subjected to shop class.  At the time I was not very talented in the manual arts, so to speak.  Because of my perceived lack of talent, I didn't think much of  of my projects and most of them either were burnt in the wood stove or got thrown in the swamp.  This little book rack survived.  It was supposed to be stylized cats from a pattern from the early 60s or late 50s.  I always thought it looked like either snails or dinosaurs. 

Over the years it has held books and other things.  The picture on the right shows what it holds today.  Talk about an odd couple, a bunny rabbit and a ballerina cow in a tutu!!

I can see where I glued two pieces of wood together with a tongue and groove joint to have a piece wide enough to cut out the ends.  Today a woodworker would use a biscuit joiner to cut grooves for the biscuits to make a strong glue joint.  Some years back the joint on one end did let go and I re-glued it.  Other than that it has survived the years fairly well.


  1. Next summer, I will get my woodworking shop going and get back to doing little projects like that. My skills are no hell but just the joy of creating something with my own two hands makes it worthwhile.
    That is not a bad bookshelf.

  2. I loved wood shop in school but I don't know if anything I made is still around, the last thing I recall seeing was an inlaid coffee table I made that was in my uncle John's home for many years in Salt Lake City.

    That's a right nice book stand, looks like snails to me, good job though.

  3. when I was a kid the boys had shop and girls had home ec...One year, 8th grade I think..I thought I hate home I signed up for shop..OMG,you would have thought I had declared myself a communist..
    but there was no law or I was the only girl in shop and I had a great time..made shit out of coffee cans, made a wooden bowl, a lamp stand and some other stuff. My father was so mother was so embarrassed she gave everything I made away...sigh*

  4. I think I failed Home Ec. I know I failed "apron."


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