Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The New Trucks Need to go on a Diet

1948 Ford F-1
1971 Ford F-100

1979 Ford F-100
F-150 with older Ford on Trailer
The picture of the new pickup with the old pickup on the trailer shows how much they have grown over the years. Whenever I see a commercial for any of the new trucks on TV, I can't help but think how fucking bloated they have become. It's time they went on a diet. Maybe they would eat less if they were a little smaller. They have plumped up, the bodies are taller, and wider now. Being taller means it's harder to reach things in the box. The other year I saw an ad by Ford about how it had a step under the front side of the box that would swing out for you to step on and enable you to reach into the box easier. Now that's an idea that could be adapted to older trucks too.  Dodge has an idea that makes me ask "What the fuck took them so long???"  It's the toolboxes built into the top of the sides of the box.  

Another thing I don't care for in the ads is that all of the pickups are four door models. IMHO only a contractor needs a four door pickup to haul his minions around to the jobsite so they can do the work while he either sits on his ass and watches or goes elsewhere so his employees don't see him fucking off!!


  1. someone asked me the other day when I was going to wash my truck..I said to the best of my knowledge washing it won't make it go any faster or get better gas mileage..and excuse me??? it's a fucking truck.

  2. Big egos need big trucks, well, small egos need big trucks.

    That 71 body style, damn good body and trucks.

  3. Thought the same for a long time. 1950 to 1970's trucks were truly half-tons. As long as you can get a sheet of plywood in the box and close the endgate, how big does a truck have to be? Buy a three ton "farm truck" if you need something that big.

  4. I've had '60 Ford, '70 Ford, '79 Ford, and a '95 Ford. Also have a '79 Jeep pickup and a '73 Dodge 4x4. At one time I had a '87 Ranger but the box was too small. At the time it served because most of the time I used it to haul me and my tool boxes around when I worked as a migrant aircraft mechanic. If a sheet of plywood will fit in the box and can close the tailgate, that's big enough for me, but the new trucks are on steroids. You almost have to stand on something to see into the box.

  5. I've got a GMC 3/4 ton (i hauled an RV from Maine to Alaska and Back) and it is one of the best trucks I have owned (12 mi to the gallon)- the worst was a 1987 one ton Ford extended cab.
    I owned a 49 ford that i loved: it had I-beams under it and a steel dash. I cant find any place im my GMC that a magnet will stick to.
    The best truck ever built was the old 50's Dodge Power Wagon - some are still around at remote military bases.

    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. I bought a 600/1000 watt inverter from Harbor Freight before moving here from Montana, it didn't work, they paid to have it shipped back and sent me another inverter.

    It worked, but only up to 600 watts, the surge part didn't work, I never bothered with having them send me another inverter.

    As long as you live by a store test it before you leave.

  7. Oh, I like my 96 Dodge Dakota, it's served me well for over five years and I like the 18-20 mpg, and the V6 has enough power for pulling the fifth wheel.


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