Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tango Finlandia

The previous video where John Oliver got pwned by the guy that was the "first line of defense against the Canadians" reminded me of this 60 Minutes piece from the early 90s where Morley Safer got pwned by the Finns.  They were so "Tongue in Cheek" that I'm surprised he didn't notice their cheeks bulging out!!(If a guy has been married for 20yrs or so and his wife is on her deathbed, he might say 'I love you' to make her feel better).

Whenever I watch something about Finland and/or Finns, I wish they would do subtitles so I'd know what they are talking about.  They mispronounce Finnish words and places so badly(most of the time they give it a Russian pronunciation, which is totally ass-backwards) that the only way I can know what they are talking about is if I see it spelled out.

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  1. I suppose that the tango is about as close as they get to sex?

    Canadians need a first line of defense against us, in 30 years we'll be like the Finn's, yup, that should do it.


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