Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pasty(rhymes with nasty not hasty)

Looking forward to being able to go to the store and buy a pasty (rhymes with nasty not hasty as those are nipple coverings and usually not edible).  Anywho, in two weeks I'll be UP on the Tundra where pasties are available in abundance. 

For the past 35yrs if I wanted a pasty, I either had to buy one or make them myself because my first attempt at making pasties turned out better than The Old Lady's and she has refused to make them ever since!!  Talk about "No good deed goes unpunished!!"


  1. Whenever I think of pasties, I think of that episode of Clatterford where the women make the pasties for a fete. I had no idea they were popular in the UP.

  2. They are popular wherever there were Cornish miners. I've heard that there were pasties in Birmingham, AL. Also Butte, Montana. Almost any area where there was underground mining.

    Clatterford was a good show.


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