Friday, May 20, 2011

Rule by a Minority of a Minority

The old democratic principle of "the majority rules" has been replaced by "the minority whines and gets everything it wants."
Saw this in the Vent in the AJC.  Feel free to click on the link and nominate this for 'best of Vent'.  It was nice to see someone else is thinking the same way I am.  Altho, I take it a little further in that I think it's a minority of a minority that is controlling things in this country.  The FuckingRepublican Party is a minority, only between 20 to 30 percent will identify themselves as belonging to the party.  Within that party there are the so-called Religious Right and the TeaBaggers, both of which are minorities within that minority.  There may be some overlap between these two groups, but even combined they are a minority of that minority.  

There have been numerous instances of late where all that needs to be done to change policy is for some Bible-Banging group to whine about something and it gets changed.  Or we have the budget talks being held hostage by the TeaBaggers who think all we need to do to eliminate the deficit is to cut spending except for the things they like, like defense, Social Security, Medicare etc. etc.  Altho, some of them are more than willing to kill all social programs, but not defense or oil company subsidies.  Read an article recently that compared the FuckingRepublicans(my term not the article's) to Somali Pirates, except when the pirates get what they want, they let the hostages go, not so with the FuckingRepublicans!!!

When are those in the majority going to grow some spines and tell these vocal minorities to STFU already???


  1. Make babies, the repukes need more warriors.

  2. I wish the Rapture would a better place..

  3. The Loony Left get their share of idiot regulations too. Like no slaughter plants for horses because they are "pets", not food animals.
    They are both and many other things too. People love to support feel good stuff that doesn't directly affect THEM.

  4. I don't blame it all on the Republicans - I blame it on the gutless Democrats who always seem to hide and avoid fights even when they could win. Remember the politician in Best Little Whore House in Texas? To him no stand was a good stand - keep a low profile and get reelected. That is the major individual Democratic strategy.

  5. Blog Fodder: All animals are food - it is just a matter of prespective. George Carlan said we pick out the animals we like and we get to kill all the rest.



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