Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old Fashioned Whetstone

This shows the foot pedal I rigged up to turn the whetstone.

On this side is the crank to turn it if you can con someone into doing it!!
The other summer I dragged this old whetstone out of the weeds and made a new frame for it.  I have no idea how old it is, it's been around as long as I can remember.  The wooden frame has been replaced several times and this time I made it out of treated wood so it should last for a long time.  I have another stone like this in case this one wears out.  I still need to rig something up to wet the whetstone. 

We have a bunch of knives that need sharpening.  Also can use it to put the finishing touches on axes and other tools.


  1. get you a wagon and travel around sharpening knives.

  2. Way cool, just last week I was thinking I would like one of those old wet stones. Then I spotted one out at Granny's, I'll ask Terry if I can have it.

    It's a bit newer design with a pulley on it but whatever.

    Just put a tray of water under it that the bottom inch of the stone runs in, that's how cheap tile saws work.

    I have another stone like this in case this one wears out.

    Yeah, like that's going to happen in your lifetime.

  3. Oh, to true the stone if it gets a bit out of round you'll need a diamond chip tool designed for that. But I suppose that you already know that.

  4. That crank on the side is for when the grandson visits -- put the boy to work.

  5. Wonderful. I have an electric bench grinder to sharpen garden hoes but am afraid to try knives on it. Haven't found a sharpening place in ZV yet.

  6. Hello, and sorry for the abrupt intrusion. I came across this blog while trying to find a Whitestone for sharpening tools around the property. I would like to get one of this style but haven't been able to find a source online. I want to build a foot actuated device like the one pictured on this blog, and don't want one that is made to fit on an electric grinder as they are thinner than I would prefer. Are these still available/produced, or am I relegated to hoping to find one at a swap meet, or antiques store?


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