Sunday, September 4, 2011


A few days ago I was going to cut up some trees I had cut down.  On the first cut my saw started making a weird noise.  I bought the saw 14yrs ago and can't figure out why it would give me trouble now after all those years of good service??

Husqvarna 51
Wanted to get the wood cut, so went to my back-up saw, a Stihl 015.  That little saw cut a lot of firewood when I first bought it.  It was my only saw for several years before I bought a larger saw, a Stihl 029.  Then 14yrs ago I bought the Husky 51 because The Kid wouldn't use either of  my saws because they didn't have chain brakes.

Stihl 015
Realized again how much more work it was to cut with the smaller saw.  Once when I was cutting with the 029, the muffler came loose.  Decided to finish cutting firewood with the 015 until I had a load.  After several cuts in some large wood, I packed it in and went home to fix the 029 as cutting with the 015 was much more work.  The 015 is good for trimming and cutting small brush, but is a lot of work when it comes to cutting large wood.
The cause of the weird noise, broken clutch spring.
When I took the side cover off, I found the cause of the noise.  The clutch spring had broken.
New spring installed.
The next day I when to town and bought a new spring for the clutch.  Cost all of $2.99.  Took a number of attempts to get the ends of the spring hooked together.

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