Friday, September 9, 2011

Test Driving the New Woodstove

Got the new woodstove Wednesday.  Reading the owners manual, I discovered it needs to be broken in.  This is the first time I've seen anything about having to break in a stove.  Had to buy a thermometer so could do the break in properly.  Wasn't really cool this morning(70 degrees in the house), but thought I'd start the break in process now so can use it when the weather gets cold enough to use the stove.
On the first firing, you only bring the temperature of the stove up to 200 degrees F.  Hold it for an hour and let it cool to room temp.  Second firing, bring it up to 300F, hold for an hour and cool.  Third firing, bring it up to 400F for an hour and cool.  Then it should be broken in and can be used as needed.
Having a learning curve on firing this stove.  It is so air-tight that it took me 3 tries to get a fire going.  Finally figured out I had to leave the door open a little for it to get enough air to start burning good.  The little air vent in the door doesn't provide enough air when starting a fire.
Cast into the front of the stove is a Norwegian saying, "I built me a flame late one night.  When day is done, God will my flame never die."  Question is which God, Thor or Odin??


  1. Ah, yes, breaking in a wood stove. Who knew. Speaking of Norwegian gods, the God of Thunder is flying along and notices a beautiful maiden sleeping naked on her bed. He swoops in and ravishes her all night. In the morning feeling quite proud of himself, he struts out on the balcony, beats his chest and shouts for the world to hear, "I am mighty Thor". The poor girl on the bed replies, "You are thore, you thon of a bitth? How do you think I feel?"

  2. I like wood burning stoves like that one.
    Maybe it needs to be broken in because of the finish on it....?

  3. Mark, the paint and it's cast iron which needs to be tempered.


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