Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quite the Comparision

H/T to PENolan who posted this video on facebook.


  1. I have someone I know (no longer a friend) who is a far right evangelical conservative Christain.
    The worse thing about "Holy Jim" is that he prothzes at the bar. Hey, I am there to watch the fucking game not get relgion.
    Explain to me this need these people feel that compels them to force their religious beliefs on others? Literature on placed on your windsield - Easter a man was parading down 38th Street bearing a hevy cross. Madness, I swear it.
    How does thhat thing go? "I don't have a problem with God; It is his fan club that I dislike".


  2. About the stove post below, actually, breaking in new stoves has always been a good idea.

    Those stack thermometers are great, I've used them for many years.

    And I just returned from a GREAT camping trip with Terry.

  3. That was made my day (actually night, but who is keeping track really?)

    It is all good!



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