Saturday, February 4, 2012

Politicians Won't Piss in a Cup

The politicians are saying "Go Fuck Yourself" to the taxpayers when it comes to them pissing in a cup for drug testing.

What people need to realize is the governor of Florida has a huge stake in the company doing the drug tests that the state winds up paying for when the people test clean.  Nothing like making a law to put more money in your own pocket!!!!!!

Why is The Daily Show the only ones willing to show what FUCKING HYPOCRITES these politicians are???  Where are the so-called "librul media"???  Why aren't they doing their job???


  1. Indiana passed a law that people getting aid had to submit to a urine test. Then, a Democrat added a amendment making legilators test for drugs too - that was agreed to -election coming. However, booze was excluded from testing.
    So, it is okay to run across the street to the bar at the Hyatt during a recess and get a buzz on or even take that fifth out of your desk drawer for a legislative bracer.
    The state office buildings are all smoke free areas - now. Until the press found out about the "special room in the capitol building for special people" where the smoking rules were ignored and the governor was forced to close it down, that wasn't true.
    Who controls the legislature in Indiana? One guess.


  2. What would one expect from a governor who got elected DESPITE the fact that he was a convicted FELON? For MEDICARE FRAUD, no less!

    I'm tell you, the fucking Mafia is in league with corporate American and is in charge. We are all pieces of mob meat.


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