Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wish They Were This Diligent in Their Reporting of Politicians

Squatlo has a post up about the "1% tip".  Couldn't find anything on, so went to CNN and did a search.  Found this vid.


  1. Ohay- For The Record:
    I reqularly frequent the Hooters on west 38th St in Indianapolis and I have seen large parties run up a monster bill (reserved tables)
    and leave a dismally small tip to the server - during 500 week.
    There are also assholes that leave
    just change ib tips. The girl behind the bar makes zero on a call in or counter food order. I suggest a flat 15% gradutuity be built in.


  2. Sarge: fuck that Built In Gratuity: Good service deserves a good tip, but occasionally the service is lousy and the tip should reflect that.

    You are just willing to pay to see big tits - beware of a women with nice tits and a smile...we are all too vulnerable for that.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Ol'Buzzard, AMEN on the gratuity and big tits. When the service truly sucked I've occasionally left a penny for a tip. For decent service I divide the bill by 6 and leave that much, better service gets a better tip.

    How about they pay the servers a living wage so they wouldn't have to depend on tips. Then the tips would be a bonus.


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