Monday, February 6, 2012

How the Fuck Did This Moron Get Elected?????

Rep. John Fleming (Louisiana, Retard ) posted this on his facebook wall.  It's a link to an article in The Onion.  I guess his regular source of bullshit lies wasn't working at the time!!

Saw a comment on a blog that said The Onion is like Faux News only funnier and more subtle. 

This is the same asshole that claimed last year that he couldn't afford to pay more in taxes because even tho his various businesses made over 6 million, by the time he feeds his family he only has about 400K left!!

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  1. Kulkuri,
    Morons elect morons. Which makes me wonder what is causing the huge number of morons? Is it genetic or something in the food chain - the thumpers? Fux News?

    And, you know that they are repopulating - not as fast as Pedro and Jaunita - which is a plus.

    Vote! Damn it! Vote...



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