Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Andy Griffith, What It Was, Was Football

Here's a piece of stand-up Andy Griffith did almost 60yrs ago.


  1. I remember sitting at the record player with my mom and dad listening to it..even though I wasn't old enough to really get it..I laughed along with my parents..

  2. That is amazing. I remember listening to this when I was a little kid but I never knew it was Andy Griffith...I didn't.

  3. Never heard it before, but have always thought that football was a stupid sport.

    Lets be clear about something YDG said in the post below, I don't hate her, she's not important enough to hate.

    I just think she's a babbling idiot is all, a fat one. :-)

  4. I'm not coming over here any's too short to have to put up with him.


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