Monday, July 2, 2012

Here's Where Tea-Baggers Can Go


  1. I'm sure you saw the one on YD Granny's that suggested the ideal match for the douchebaggers is Iran.

  2. YDG posts and supports everything so there is nothing to learn from her.

    You get universal health care in one of two ways, high taxes or bad roads and other services, take your pick.

    Hey, if you have your own health insurance why fucking care about anyone else?

  3. BBC, we haven't always had insurance, so we know what it's like to be without and worry about getting sick or hurt. Also, with so many millions without insurance the premiums are a lot higher for those that have insurance because somebody has to pay for those that don't pay for medical services. This country pays twice as much for healthcare with poorer results than the rest of the Western World. Which means we are getting FUCKED by the insurance and healthcare companies. While ACA is a slight improvement, what we need is a single payer system like Medicare for all or like they have in Canada. Get the greedy fucking insurance companies out of healthcare!! I'm tired of getting FUCKED without getting kissed!!!

  4. Kulkuri, I second that.

    And BBC, there is something fundamentally wrong with a person who infers that someone else is a dope for supporting good causes.

  5. thanks guys..
    He professes to hate me and everything I say or do..but yet he will come over and post comments even knowing they are unwelcome(he bad mouths my readers and I won't allow that)so I am not bothered by his small mind and tiny penis.


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