Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ol'Buzzard had a comment on my post announcing comment moderation;
I wondered what had happened. Guess i missed it.
the Ol'Buzzard

Seems there is this old curmudgeon who has a problem with women and has nothing good to say about YellowDogGranny. Thinks she is a crazy old broad in Tejas and leaves nasty comments about her. I know this crazy old broad in Tejas, I've talked to her face-to-face. I like this crazy old broad in Tejas and I don't like when someone comes on my blog and disses her or anyone else for that matter.

The ironic thing is that the old curmudgeon doesn't allow any comments on his blog because someone has been doing to him directly on his blog what he does to other commenters on other people's blogs. 


  1. I can almost certainly tell you who your cranky ol' curmudgeon asshole is, too. We've all had a dose or two of his crap posted on our own blobbers, and at least one buddy of mine actually took the time to track his ass down and BLOCK HIS URL.

    Sad when you have to put up hurdles for your readers, but sometimes you just have to censor the offensive stuff.

    Hang in there, maybe he'll have an epiphany and behave himself. Or a stroke. Whatever works.

  2. A note to anyone down on Yellow Dog Granny:
    Fuck you
    Kiss my ass
    We love her
    the Ol'Buzzard


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