Sunday, July 8, 2012


A friend was just over and when he came in I was leaving a comment on another blog. He was sounding a little surprised that I could type. I told him I took typing my senior year in high school.  The Old Lady said I got a better grade in typing(she claims she saw my grades on my school transcript) than she did. I'll take her word for it as I don't even know if I passed the class as it was a filler and not one I needed to graduate and after I got my diploma I never went back to get my final report card.

Who'd a thunk 47yrs ago that typing would come in handy for a guy like me. But in the past 15 or so years it has come in handy and I've become a lot more proficient at typing thanks to confusers and playing around online than I would have ever guessed!!

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  1. I learned to type in the 11th grade. I'll admit that it has came in handy since computers came along so I can call idiots idiots. Not that idiots can see that they are idiots.

    Ever notice that they think they can bitch about everything and everyone else and be exempt?


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