Friday, October 17, 2014

Honey Wagon

First saw these at a RV store and the reaction was WTF. Now after being here for a couple weeks and seeing them in action can see where these shit wagons can come in handy. If you are camping for a longer time you'll at least need to empty the gray water holding tank. Most people fill their fresh water tank when they arrive and there are water spigots (some people will connect several hoses together, sometimes borrowing hoses from other campers to reach from the water spigot to their RV) around the campground. Even if you aren't using the toilet, sooner or later the gray water tank will need to be emptied and it's easier to haul a tank like this (or a bigger one as they come in many sizes) to the dump station than to have to haul your trailer or drive your motorhome to the dump station. Once you are set up in a site, you wouldn't want to move until you leave.

But it's still funny watching pickups and SUVs pulling these little tanks around.

The campground host sites are the only sites with full hook-ups. I got the hose hooked up and into the sewer line with both holding tanks valves open. Thinking I might close the valves for the last week or so and then drain the black water first and flush the hose with the gray water tank.

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  1. That is cool. An RV park could offer a full service to people.


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