Friday, October 24, 2014

The Intratubes Be Very, Very Strange

The campground here has Wi-Fi with 4 antennas in various locations. Because we are using the Wi-Fi for our internet, it seems the Wi-Fi doesn't have a definite location. When I sign into my blog and look at the little globe thingee, it says Farmington, MO. When we are watching shows on Hulu it will have a station logo for an Atlanta station down in one corner. When we are at home it will have a local station logo when we are watching an ABC show.

It's possible that because this is a state park the internet hookup is statewide and therefore doesn't have a location. Maybe the various things are using info stored in my laptop to come up with locations. It's still weird that here we are in Missouri and the intratubes are acting like we are in GA.

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  1. My internet location shows up as different places too once in a while. No idea why.


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