Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Think I Figured Out Why The Camo

Besides the anglers dressed like they just stepped out of a fly fishing catalog, there are a lot that are dressed in Camo. Their waders will be camo and their shirt and/or jacket will be camo also. At first I thought they were trying to sneak up on the fish, but in that case why were the boot part of the camo waders a solid color?? IMHO the only reason to wear camo is if you are hunting wild turkeys without a blind. Then last night it hit me, a reason for wearing camo around here in this campground.

Buzzards circling.
 Shortly after we got here we noticed a huge number buzzards circling every evening. We have also seem them during other times of the day in fairly large numbers. I keep telling The Old Lady to keep moving whenever I see them circling overhead.

 Maybe the people wearing camo are trying to escape the notice of the buzzards?? That's got to be the explanation as you don't need camo to sneak up on fish.
Buzzards roosting in a tree across the river from the campground.
 This is just one of the many roosting places for the buzzards as there must over a hundred of them.
More buzzards.
The Old Lady said this tree had so many buzzards on it the other morning she wondered how the branches on this dead tree was able to hold all of them??

Was told that in the summer there are Turkey Vultures here and in the winter they go south and the Black Buzzards come here for the winter. I guess at this time there is a mix of the two.


  1. You wouldn't want to go suddenly unconscious around them, would you? Or do you have to be really dead?

  2. I wonder why I have never been there?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. It's Montauk state park and the fishing is supposed to be one of the top sites in Missouri. I have seen some nice trout caught by others. I tried one day with no luck. I need to get the right lures and setup. The Old Lady is talking about coming back next March when fishing season opens again.

    As for your birds of a feather, there are a lot of them hanging out here. One of the attractions for them is when the fish hatchery dumps dead fish somewhere around here.

  4. I wish I had something brilliant to say.

  5. Up close and personal, buzzards are truly impressive birds. Back some years I was riding over on Raggedy Ass Mtn(really just a big hill) and I came upon a dead moose in the middle of the trail. Two of the three buzzards were hard at work digging for the good stuff inside it's belly. Because I had some speed as I approached, I caught them off guard. I presumed the one sitting on top of the body was the look out. It turned toward me and then took wing. The other two had their heads deep inside. They either did not want to give up the good eating or they were having trouble disengaging. When they finally pulled out and looked at me, one kind of squinted and dove back in. The other took flight. Yep Damn impressive birds.

  6. "Then last night it hit me, a reason for wearing camo around here in this campground."

    because camo is very popular at Cabelas.

  7. In that area it would be Bass Pro Shop.


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