Friday, October 24, 2014

The List Grows

As we are here in The Guppy, a number of things are being discovered. After we had had a few days without rain, I noticed the pavement under the RV looked wet in one spot. (At first I thought the shower might be leaking again. It was in the same area as when the shower was leaking. I found some cracks towards the bottom of the shower and caulked them last summer.) When I checked on it, I found it was coming from the water heater area. Couldn't find any leaks in the water heater. At first I thought the water might be from the combustion of the propane. Maybe it wasn't burning quite right. I adjusted the air intake for the burner. The next time we had the water heater on, I checked the water heater. At first, nothing happened. Then after the water started to heat up, I noticed it was dripping a little from the pressure relief valve. That's something I'll have to replace before we use The Guppy next year. Right now it is a minor annoyance, not a real problem. If it was leaking more, then I'd need to correct it.

Another problem that has been deferred until we get home is the light over the stove. The light stopped working, I put in a different bulb and it still didn't work. Then I wiggled the wire and it came loose and arced on some metal. I think I have the end I need for the light socket at home. If not I can get one from a light on one of the junk cars on the place.

That's a couple things on the list. Another is I want to extend the mirrors on the right side out a few inches. Right now about all I see in the mirrors is the arms for the canopy on that side of the RV. I would like to be able to see pass that framework.

Actually, I think maybe I should write things down and make a list.


  1. The road goes on forever and the party never ends

  2. Maybe you can just remove and clean the pressure relief valve?

    As I was back on my way from Texas one morning I decided to slow down and spend the day at 50 mph, my fuel mileage jumped up to 16 mpg. Every mile above that hurts it, takes a lot to push a wall through the wind.

    Was amused one night when I pulled behind a post office in a small town for some sleep, parked next to an old limo I thought was abandoned. Turned out to be someone boondocking in it, when they fired it up to leave the motor in it sounded real good.

  3. We weren't trying to keep up with traffic on the way down here. We were doing about 55-60. Slow enough to annoy other drivers, but not slow enough to get the one fingered salute.

  4. During my almost 4500 mile round trip I drove most of the way to Texas at 56/57 mph. Much of the return trip was at 50 mph and no one got pissed at me, maybe cuz I was pulling a cute little homemade camper, got lot of comments on it.

    I love my truck but it would be nice to have a small V8 in it, I worked the V6 pretty hard.

  5. Silicone is okay I guess, better than nothing. To seal some of the camper seams I used DAP sidewinder clear siding and window sealant and I think it will hold longer.

    And it will adhere to a wet surface if you need to apply some in wet weather.

  6. We haven't had a hard rain (a couple of sprinkles is all) since I went around sealing windows and seams with the tub and tile caulk. The plywood in the bunk over the cab is really black where it got wet over the years and may still be a little wet. I'm going to buy a tarp big enough to cover the roof after I get home and put the tarp over the roof for the winter. Will see about resealing the roof next summer. Don't think it is leaking now, but probably hasn't had anything done to it in many years.

    Just for the hell of it I googled Rockwood Frontier motorhomes yesterday. Saw an ad for one a few years newer than The Guppy that claimed it had a 460 engine with overdrive, so it got better mileage than the older ones without overdrive. It claimed to have gotten 9mpg on a 400 mile trip at 55-60 miles an hour!!

  7. I hooked up with Terry and Carol in Utah on the way back, they bought a 2002 Dodge diesel and a 24 foot 5th wheel for their trip to Texas. He was bragging about how it could tow the 5th wheel at 60 mph with no effort, I asked him what he was getting for fuel mileage, "11/12 mpg." And it cost more than gas.

    I suppose you could put an overdrive in yours, or an add on two speed unit, I've seen a few of them. Or change the ratio in the rear end.

  8. The other month my cousin was telling me about how he hauled a fifth wheel out to California and got 5mpg. He has a Chevy with a gas V-8, probably a 350.


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