Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coffee Pot

A couple of months back the switch on our coffee pot died. The Old Lady said to go buy a new one which I did. She wanted me to throw out the old one, but because it only needed a switch, I said I'll hang on to it and take it with me next year when I go UP on the tundra again. It was the same model coffee pot as the one in the camp UP on the tundra and I figured it could be fixed if the other one died.

This morning I had to go for a stress test, so I couldn't have any coffee or anything except a little water. The Old Lady turned on the coffee pot as usual and had her coffee before leaving for work. When I got back home and went to have a cup of coffee and something to eat, the coffee in the pot was barely warm even tho the light on the switch was on. I nuked a cup of coffee and later determined that the pot was indeed dead. I put some water in the reservoir and turned it on. It just sat there with the light on and nothing happened. I dug the old pot out of the closet and took the two pots apart to get at the switches. I put the good switch in the pot with a bad switch. Then I put vinegar in the pot and ran that thru to clean it. After I rinse it, it'll be ready to go in the morning. The ironic part is that now I'll throw out the newer coffee pot.

Usually I have good luck with cheap coffee pots. Many years ago we had a pot with a clock and you could program it to turn itself on so the coffee would be ready when you got up. It lasted a couple of years, so when I went looking for a replacement, I got one that only had an off-on switch and it lasted for almost ten years. Not bad for a pot that I paid 6-7 bucks for. I haven't had as good luck with the recent pots, but the one at the camp is still going and I may still get a few more years out it.


  1. A few years back, we bought a Braun pot that was more expensive than what we usually buy. It's lasted and I love that thing. I guess you never know, though, do you?

  2. knock on wood, my coffee pot has been with me for at least ten years. I make on the average at least one pot a day - sometimes I sneak a second or third. I have a friend who kills one pot a month - I told her she needs a Bunn!

  3. Thanks, themom! That's what ours is a Bunn! And it really is a great pot that has lasted.

  4. A friend of mine makes tea in his coffee pot. He quit drinking coffee many years ago because he got migraine headaches when he drank coffee. Somehow the caffeine in tea doesn't bother him as much.

  5. Preparation of The Holy Nectar is not to be left to casual methods.:)

    I have a Bunn received as a wedding present in 2000. My new bride added a bean grinder to the mix for me to try, and the result has been Perfectly Brewed Fresh Nectar Of The Gods, and a marriage that's even better!:)

    The difference between that Bunn and a Mr. Coffee or his billions of knock offs, is perfect coffee...and horrible mud!


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