Friday, December 5, 2008

Digital TV

Here is a funny clip on the switch from analog to digital TV.


  1. That was cute. But don't have to do anything about it here. The cable company is going to broadcast in both forms so no converter or new TV is required.

    But none of it makes any difference to me cuz my cable is only for high speed Internet and I don't pay for a TV package.

  2. i know alot of little ole ladies like that..thank the Goddess I'm not one of them..all though I still cant figure out how to put gadgets on my blog..sigh*

  3. Incredibly, hilariously, knee slapping funny. Unfortunately, when once upon a time, I sold TV's, I dealt with many elderly people and made a lot of (on my own time) house calls to explain their remotes. I can only imagine how this new "digital" threat will scare the older citizens.

    **I first thought you were going to have the Joe the Plumber explanation video. It's not funny - just stupid.

  4. The whole thing is as stupid as that skit makes it look!

  5. I'm still pretty sharp, but when it gets to the point to where I can't understand it all I will just disconnect from it all.

    And it won't make a frigging bit of difference to the big picture or me. Helen has never been into any of it other than listening to a radio and all this modern crap hasn't changed her life a tic.

    She has four light bulbs and a radio in her home and is the wisest woman I know, go figure.


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