Thursday, December 11, 2008

Robo Calls

We didn't really have a problem with political robo calls back during the run-up to the election. We have had a problem with robo calls for many months now that have nothing to do with politics. The robo calls I'm talking about are from collection agencies. One of them is from an agency trying to collect for a hospital in Ohio. Another is for GMAC. We don't owe money to any hospital in Ohio and have never had any dealings with GMAC. When the phone rings, if you pick it up you get a recording with no way to talk to a real person to let them know they have the wrong number. I've tried calling the number for the one in Ohio with no luck in actually talking to a person. I have been on hold waiting for the next available person for up to half an hour before giving up and then have left a message that they have to wrong number. Still the calls keep coming, "Hi this is Mandy, give me a call at ..................." How the fuck do they expect to get people to agree to send them money if a person can't get through to a real, live person????????????? I may be a dumb shit from so far back in the sticks that they have to pipe in daylight, but I know enough that when you leave a message to call, have enough people there to answer the phone if they are dumb enough to call you back!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i get those too..for a kevin kevin here mr. at all...they don't belive me...i even told them they could come to the house and if they could find one article of mens clothing i'd kiss their takers..

  2. You actually answer your fucking phone these days? Why?

    My answering machine kicks in on two rings, if they don't start talking and I want to talk to them I'm not picking it up at all.

    Come to think of it, I don't even know why I have a phone. If you have something to say to me send me a fucking email.

    But if you want to talk to my answering machine dial 360-452-5565.

  3. The collection agency's down here operate like that. "Hi, this is Joe at xyz dumb shit agency. Please call me regarding an important matter. If somebody's on the dodge from a bill, I hardly think their gonna voluntarily call a credit agency!

    We don't have any bills in arrears. The dodge down here is giving phone numbers pulled out of the phone book on credit apps. They never get checked. However, I've found that, when I call the number given back, and say in this stern, pissed off voice, "This is past due patty's lawyer, and she doesn't call back numbers that don't state their business clearly, as she's not interested in porn over the telephone" I get a live person, apologizing all over hell's half acre.:)


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