Friday, December 5, 2008

Nisu or Pulla?

When I was a kid everybody called these Nisu. About a decade ago I learned that they are called Pulla in Finland. Nobody there knows what you mean when you say Nisu because that means wheat in Finnish. Anywho, I've been baking these for a decade now since I got the recipe at the FinnFest in Maine. Who knows, one of these days I may get it right.


  1. well I know it's not a kolache, but it sure looks good..

  2. 'An all this time I've been calling it bread:P

    I'm not the most worldly educated traveler you're ever gonna meet!..(:

  3. These are cardamom coffeebread. It's a sweet coffeebread and sometimes it's plain, I put raisins in these with sugar sprinkled on top before baking, and sometimes they will have a fruit filling in the braids with icing.


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