Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Not To Take Out A Tree

The Video won't play anymore. Somebody or other has removed it.

Not sure where this happened, but it is a good example of how not to do something. At the end he kinda overloaded the little pickup!!


  1. That was great. What I found especially odd, was no one seemed a bit concerned about the guy in the pick up.

  2. I need a tree removed. I wonder if this guy is available.

  3. TREE'S DOWN!!! Did you notice how quickly (NOT) everyone rushed to see how the driver fared? Crazy.

  4. I guess the vid has been removed?

    Anyway, Terry gave me a chainsaw the other day, handy as I am I don't much like chainsaws.

    But it will come in handy at times.

  5. hahah..nice concern for the friend there..haha

  6. I can sympathize with your inability to remove those (bleeping) ads from videos. Also, You Tube's regrettable habit of canceling vids we really want and have posted. I post vids on several of my blogs as does my daughter and we must constantly review the posts to replace cancelled videos. Quite frustating.


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