Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life UP On The Tundra

The beginning of the week they got two feet of snow, by the end of the week temps will be pushing into the sixties possibly seventies depending on which forecast you go by. The following is datelined Apr. 22, 2009 in The Daily Mining Gazette.

BARAGA - The fire danger posted outside the Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Baraga Operations Service Center read very high last week, but thanks to the snow, it now reads low.
"There is no danger now," said Dan Laux, fire supervisor for the Baraga management unit. "Once it dries off and warms up again, we'll probably be back into somewhat of a fire season, but a lot of it will depend on this added moisture. I'm sure it will help things green up quicker when it gets warmer."
Prior to the snowfall that dumped as much as 24 inches in the region, the fire season in the Upper Peninsula was under way, Laux said.

Funny how a couple of feet of snow will lower the fire danger!!

Today 54/ 47°F Partly Cloudy / Wind
Friday 59/ 37°FSct T-Storms
Saturday 37/ 33°FRain / Snow
Sunday 39/ 34°FRain / Snow Showers
Monday 41/ 34°FAM Clouds / PM Sun

A local TV station was predicting temps could be in the 70's Friday and Saturday with lower temps near the lakes.

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  1. Brrrrr! But safer so that's a good thing. Fire scares the dickens out of me.


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