Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our New Stair-Master

The other month we bought a weather radio as it was getting close to the time of year when things like tornadoes and thunderstorms are likely to occur. Friday evening we had some nasty weather in this part of Crackerland. Because the radio is set to pick up warnings for the entire area, it was going off every few minutes. We live in a townhouse and the radio is upstairs in the bedroom. When there is a weather alert it makes a warning tone and then the weather alert (watches, warnings, etc... the only thing we didn't have was a Winter Weather Advisory) and radio continues broadcasting until you hit the snooze button to turn it off. Well, even tho we took turns turning off the radio after each alert, we made many, many trips up the stairs as we were trying to watch TV in the living room. That is why I am calling it the Stair-Master.

If ever there was a device screaming out for a remote, this is it!!


  1. does it tell you when there's a fire approaching? we're having a lot of that around here...

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  3. It only does the alerts issued by the National Weather Service. If they do one for fire, then it would go off.

  4. You live in a townhouse? I feel sorry for you. I suppose that it is a nice townhouse but that is beside the point.

    Shouldn't the bedroom be on the ground floor? With an outside exit door? Right next to an underground shelter?

    My bed is three steps from the door, handy in case of fire. But if there is a quake my bed frame is well built, and my big dresser is also. I would just roll out of bed onto the floor between them.

    I don't concern myself with weather alerts here, and we may not get much of a warning if a quake hits. I just stay as prepared as I can.

    And this area is wet and green enough that there hasn't been a big fire here for a long time.

  5. What a pain, but I'm glad that you didn't get hit with anything nasty. The sirens went off several times here so we just hung out in the basement for an hour or so.

  6. Lucky you, BBC. There are parts of the nation parched by droughts. North Texas and Oklahoma have been hard hit and suffered wildfires.

    Even though our Gulf Coast region is usually wet and Houston is especially prone to rainstorms and floods from hell, even we are way below normal rainfall - we are in the drought area. It seems impossible to believe when we have our frog-strangling rains but it's a fact.

    We need to get one of those radios like the folks in Crackerland. It's getting to the point that tornadoes hit us more frequently and stronger than in the past. I'm accustomed to hellish storms but am not fond of tornadoes. I'd like forewarning.Not that any of us have any sort of shelter to take. We would just have warning "you are going to die!"


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