Monday, April 20, 2009

They Call This A Turnover??

We all know the saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". Well, here is exhibit "A".
The Old Lady likes turnovers and other forms of bakery and this weekend she bought a package of small turnovers at Kroger. Now turnovers are supposed to be light and airy and flaky (the crust part, not the filling) and these are anything but. These are kinda sodden and leathery. You need good teeth to bite off a chunk and I'm due to get mine redone.

The carniceria across the street makes decent turnovers, the only problem is they only make them once in a blue moon, if that. The Star Trek tribute below is not a turnover. It has a crust that is more bread-like than a pastry crust. But at least I don't have to gnaw my way thru it to bite off a piece.
One of the things we miss living here is good baked goods among many other things.


  1. The bakery store here puts out some pretty decent stuff. I seldom buy turnovers but yesterday I got a lemon pudding cake for just $2.99.

    I make a lot of cakes, from mixes, like it in a bowl with milk, don't much bother with pies though.

    Maybe you are making an hydrogen generator for an automobile? Making it and using it on demand is currently being done without need for storage with some success.

    It's storing it that is hard for a tinkerer to do. Unless you are going to fill a blimp to float over the monkeys and drop your empty beer cans on them, ha ha ha.

  2. I'm going to try it (hydrogen generator) in an old truck first, one with a carb. I'll do a relay with the oil pressure sending unit powering the relay so it'll only be on when the engine is running.

  3. need to come to west, texas and try our turnovers, kolaches, rolls, beer bread, etc. and .....fried pies...two of my favorite words put together...fried....and pie..can't get much better than that..

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