Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Of My Coffee Cups

When I first spotted this coffee cup in the store, I grabbed it and said to myself, "This cup is mine." I bought in the early 90's when I was working on Cape Cod. I got a chuckle when after ringing up the cup the cashier wrote down "1 bat shit cup" on a pad of paper.

I bought it at a shop at Mashpee Commons. When I googled Mashpee Commons, one of the hits said "Mashpee Commons, located north of Cape Cod" Now if it was located north of Cape Cod it would be in Cape Cod Bay!! And I didn't even get my feet wet when I was there. Aren't the 'Intratubes' fun??


  1. when i googled "yooper in crackerland" google asked me if i meant "pooper in graceland"

  2. That's a good one. Who would poop in graceland??

  3. Didn't Elvis die while sitting on the toilet?

  4. elvis died trying

    i love the cup..almost as much as i love my new favorite tshirt..it say's
    'doesn't play well with others.'...

  5. You stole my cup. And I am certified Bat Shit Crazy. I bet you're not.

  6. You're right. I haven't been certified.
    I worked with a guy once that the foreman told him he was crazy and the guy didn't show up for work for a month. When he came back they asked why was he back after not showing up for a month. He told them the foreman said I was crazy and I checked myself in and here's the papers to prove I'm not crazy. They gave him his job back and after that he would tell people "I got papers to prove I'm not crazy, do you??"


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