Monday, April 6, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture??

There's a guy at Possum Lodge that probably would not see anything wrong.
I picked this up last month when I was in Tejas. We have a couple of other bags from Publix and The Old Lady likes to take them in when we shop at Kroger. Now we have one to use when we shop at Publix.


  1. I can't think of a single smart or funny thing to say. I haven't heard of Publix, and if you're selling a green bag shouldn't it be green? I know, I take my shopping bags with me too, but they are just heavy duty cotton bags for books. Now they carry groceries. But must we buy special green bags to carry our greens?

    See what I mean about not being smart or funny. But I am still sick.

  2. i have a bunch of green bags, except for one black bag from dollar general..?? duh!

  3. The bags are green in the sense that they are reused and save on plastic or paper bags at the store. Of the three bags that we have, only one is green in color, the other one is black. They do hold an amazing amount of stuff, now if the stores would only teach the baggers how to bag groceries in these bags.

  4. Ah, a subject close to my heart. I have a collection of "green" bags from around the world. I usually buy them to use as carry-on bags for the return trip home and make for usefull souvenirs.

  5. That's great that you remember the bags! I have a couple and I never remember them until it's too late.

    I love Publix. I wish they weren't so danged expensive.


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