Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ultimate Sex Toy

On April 1, Adam & Eve unveiled The Ultimate Sex Toy. It has six different functions including a cigarette dispenser. Click on the "Sign up now to join the Sex Toy Revolution". I tried to copy the picture, but wasn't able, so you will just have to follow the link.


  1. i always thought the ultimate sex toy was someone 30 years younger than you..????

  2. Ha ha ha, but I've got all the sex toy I need so won't bother to sign up.

    A chainsaw motor, that cracks me up, don't they make a 12 volt model?

    "Indian Kerosene" hey? What do they call the fat native wimmen up in the tundra?

  3. Well for heaven's sake!! Some of my contemporaries agree with yellowdog granny. I'm too darned old to have an interest any more but would never have been able to view machines as romantically inspiring! I believe that man's natural gifts are quite adequate, sometimes exceptionally so.


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