Friday, March 4, 2011

51st State of Superior

My last post was not a serious post.  While people have been talking about splitting the Upper Peninsula off from the Mitten for decades, there is no serious action going on, and doubt if there ever will be.  Kinda like Northern California wanting to separate from SoCal.  It may be fun to talk about, but in reality it'll probably never happen.  I ran across a link to the article when I was looking at the article on Baja Arizona and thought I'd throw it up.


  1. Thanks for the help with superscripts. HTML code is baffling to me but I expect there is a science to it.

    On the subject of Rene deCat - I love it and may become a copycat. One of my friend's kids named his donkey Kiss as in "This is Kiss, my ass".
    Another named his Tom Cat FUBAR. Animals are so much fun to name because they don't care and if they do, they can't complain.

  2. An area here has tried to recede from the state a few times, with no success.

    If I ever find the time I'm going to learn how to make car bombs. :-)

  3. we could make 5 states out of texas..if only

  4. we could make 5 states out of texas.

    True, but then we would just have four more fucked up states.

  5. I think every state has within it groups who would like to see their part of the state independent of the other whackos in their state. Maine even has residents who feel the huge nest of dirty liberals who inhabit the coastline and the southern reaches should split and form their own gay loving, peace man, enviro whacky state, and leave the rest of the state to those who know what to do with it. Exploit it for all it's worth, and then move on.


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