Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Video of Protest Washburn, WI

Another shot of the crowd lining the street in Washburn, WI.


  1. 'Living wage', everyone always think they need more than they really do. Everyone always wants more money.

    What is a 'living wage' considered to be today? In about 2000 it was about 26 bucks an hour for a family of four, must be about 35 bucks an hour now.

    Hell, knock everyone back down to 5 bucks an hour and adjust everything else accordingly. All these rising figures are just bullshit.

    Oh hell, never mind, I'm surrounded by crazy people.

  2. Corporations call it profit. People call it a living wage. Lifestyle expands to over fill the money alloted to it.

  3. BBC, one out of four people are crazy, if you look around and see three people that look sane, it may be you that is crazy.

    Five bucks an hour was a decent wage back in the early 70s when the buying power of worker's wages peaked, but there is no way anybody would go back to that. If all the workers made more money, they would spend it and it would work it's way back up to the greedy rich bastards, but the greedy rich bastards don't want to wait for it, instead they would rather rip off the workers!!

  4. Comrade Kulkuri! I am shocked at the rather low number of astroturfers that turned out for this video, surely you could have arranged to bus in more!! The Minster of Propaganda demands that for future events that the union paid actors and astroturfers are to carry WI signs only!! If the WI's tax-paying unwashed masses figure out there is a poor turn out from WI union workers they will be inclined to want to keep their hard earned money and not let it be taxed away. Keep all other state signs out of the cameras. We want to give the illusion that the entire population of the State of WI is behind us, rather than just the vocal minority we truly are. Our agents the MSM have been know to make rather tragic editing mistakes (i.e. Obama and Biden speeches) and the stakes are just too high! Comrade Hillary Clinton was so right when she said she believed that the government knows how to spend their money better then the people do.....


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