Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poor Congressman, How You Suffer!!

Got this from The Other 98%.
Any donations would be appreciated, the man got a new higher paying job and still can't make ends meet. 

He ran ads last year dressed like a lumberjack and swinging an axe, saying he'd go to D.C. and cut the deficit.  If he can't balance his own budget, how in the hell is he going balance the federal one???  Then again, he is an ASSHAT FUCKINGREPUBLICAN. 

This is what the voters get for voting for someone who was on a MTV reality show!!


  1. Do you have any links to his ads? Could use those for something I'm working on re. manly men/lumberjacks/roadside/commercial archeology....

  2. Don't have any links to his ads. Just remember seeing them on TV last year when he ran for office.

  3. He must be bad at math, I get by okay on less than 12K a year. Wait, all politicians are bad at math and never have enough money.

  4. I'd like to see the fucker make it on $804

  5. Open mouth, insert foot. Or feet. All you have to do is hand some of these asshats a microphone and stand back, they'll make your campaign commercials for you.


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