Tuesday, March 1, 2011



  1. Years ago Noot came to Nashville to hawk his book (can't remember which frigging one, now) and our local sent about seventy-five members down to picket the bookstore. He never came out and police presence was tight. BUT, we got to meet a lot of Nooties, and that was fun.
    He's a serial philanderer, liar, and all 'round prick with more ambition than ability. The kind of guy who railed about Clinton's infidelities while keeping up girlfriends in various towns... One of the "values" crowd. He'd be a disaster (think Curious George on steroids) for America.

  2. Squatlo, why do you call him "Curious George?? He was least curious person to ever occupy the White House. I call him aWol because after his daddy got him a safe spot in the Air National Guard he couldn't be bothered to even go to all the monthly meetings to get drunk!!!


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