Monday, March 14, 2011

Pie Chart, Does This Look Fair to You??

Graph showing income from 1947 to 2007

Update: I put up the pie chart earlier. Then Blog Fodder commented and said he'd like to see a comparison from 40 years ago.  Found this chart that goes a little farther back than that.


  1. Great pie chart. Need one from 40 or 50 years ago to compare. If you split the top 0.01% out they own a huge chunk of the 43%, too.
    It is disgusting. Canada is much the same and getting worse. We have a Republican type government in now, thankfully with only a minority government. the opposition are letting the Tories hang themselves before they trigger an election BUT the Liberal Party don't have a good leader.

  2. Hmmmm.... It's not just a "Republican" problem, Dems love poor people even more!! Here's a little cross section of those wealthy people that donated through their PACs to Obama's campaign....not that much trickles down from them either:

    University of California $1,591,395
    Goldman Sachs $994,795
    Harvard University $854,747
    Microsoft Corp $833,617
    Google Inc $803,436
    Citigroup Inc $701,290
    JPMorgan Chase & Co $695,132
    Time Warner $590,084
    Sidley Austin LLP $588,598
    Stanford University $586,557
    National Amusements Inc $551,683
    UBS AG $543,219
    Wilmerhale Llp $542,618
    Skadden, Arps et al $530,839
    IBM Corp $528,822
    Columbia University $528,302
    Morgan Stanley $514,881
    General Electric $499,130
    US Government $494,820
    Latham & Watkins $493,835


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