Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car Show

Last week I decided to go to the car show to see what I could see.  On Thursday it was geezer day and those over 55 could get in half-price.  We only have one vehicle here (my truck is still buried in the snow UP on the Tundra at my brother's house) and The Old Lady uses it to get to her place of employment (she hasn't worked out a tele-work deal yet, even tho she could do her job here at home [or anywhere where there is internet access] using her computer).  So I thought I'd use public transportation to get to the car show.  First, the weekend before I went and put some more money on my "Breeze" card so I wouldn't have to do it on the bus if there wasn't enough on it for the fare.  The trip was uneventful, the bus was crowded for being the middle of the morning (10:30am).  I then transferred to the train and later transferred to a westbound train to reach my destination.  The bus was full and I had to stand all the way to where I transferred to the train, but I got to sit on the trains.

Because the show was scheduled to start at noon, I figured I'd get something to eat either there or somewhere in the area.  WRONG!!  Nothing between the train station and the building where the car show was being held.  Inside there was a huge area labeled "FOOD WORLD" with it's doors locked shut and most of the lights turned off.  The only thing I found in the building outside of the area where the car show was a Starbucks.  So I got a coffee and a fritter.  Once inside the car show, I saw where there were a couple of places selling Papa John's pizza, DAMN!!  Also noticed something I'd never seen before at a car show.  There were a couple of kiosks selling booze, cold beer and a variety of mixed drinks, but only close to the high-dollar cars, Jaguar, Cadillac, Infiniti.

Anywho, once inside the show I was mildly disappointed.  I thought maybe there would be some concept models or something other than what were in the dealer's showrooms, Wrong Again.  I'm glad I only paid half-price ($5 instead of $10), but I still felt ripped-off.  The people representing the various car makers weren't very knowledgeable.  At the Chevy area, I asked about their contest where you use the "On Star" feature of one of their vehicles to enter a contest to win a GM vehicle.  She had to go ask someone about it and it turned out you couldn't use one of their vehicles to enter the contest.(There goes my 'Vette!!)  At the GMC area I asked, "Why they were pushing the four door pickups" (all the models on display were four door models.  In the whole car show, I only saw 2 regular cabs pickups, a Ford Ranger and a Chevy shortbox) and the answer I got was, "They like the cruise."  What a fucking idiot.  You don't need to buy a four door pickup to get cruise control, my '95 regular cab F-150 has cruise.  I asked, "Why would anyone want a truck with a box so small that you can't haul riding mower in it without leaving the tailgate down."  Again the answer, "They like the cruise."  I just shook my head and walked away as it would have been useless to argue with someone that stupid.


  1. Damn, too bad you didn't know about the pizza first.

    I haven't been to a car show for years, could care less if I ever go to one.

    I would like to have a club cab but not a four door truck, and I like my eight foot bed, being a mid size truck a 4 foot piece of plywood won't fit between the fender wells but there is flat spots made into the walls so you can put 2X6's the bed if you need a wider flat spot, that's handy at times.

    My cruise control won't kick in until 36 mph, I wish it would kick in at 30 mph.

  2. I'd like a cub cab just to have the space to store more shit in the truck.

  3. what a rip off...I have a small mazda truck and (it's like a ford ranger) it carry's just the right amount of stuff..

  4. The Mazda and Ford Ranger trucks are decent rigs and are all the trucks some folks need but I need my mid size Dakota with the V6 to handle my 5th wheel and other things I sometimes haul around.

    The 5th wheel is close to 3000 pounds with my stuff in it, that would work the guts out of a truck with a four banger in it.

  5. I had a Ranger pickup and found it too small. To haul 4x8 sheets of plywood, I had to leave the tailgate down and tie the stuff in the box. I didn't tie them in once and when I went to pull out of the lumberyard onto the highway, most of the sheets came out. I now have a F-150 regular cab with an 8ft box. I can put 4x8 sheets in it and close the tailgate. Thought about getting an extended cab so I could put stuff like tools, whatever behind the seats, but I got a toolbox for the box to put stuff in out of the weather.


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