Monday, January 31, 2011


Here are some interesting points on personhood by Roy Barnes former governor of GA.
”A Corporation has no soul. It can not repent and be born again even by the most determined Southern Baptist evangelist. 
It can not marry, even to a corporation of the opposite sex, much less the same sex.
“It can not vote. A corporation can not adopt a child or be compelled to pay child support. A corporation can not think or have an opinion.
“Even the most conservative in our society recognize the difference in corporate and personal existence when they argue a corporation should not pay taxes because it is an artificial creature passing through levied taxes to consumers.
“The examples are endless. 

This is from a paper by Roy Barnes on the Citizens United decision and its effects on his campaign for governor last year.

I like the part about how corporations have no soul, they can't repent and be born again even by the most determined Southern Baptist evangelist!!  And how it can't marry or be forced to pay child support!!

Every rational thinking person knows corporations are not persons, so why is this falsehood being perpetuated by the courts.  I've always been led to believe that the courts were all about truth!!


  1. The courts and the entire legal system, lawyers and all are NOT about truth or justice; they are about the law. My cousin, now a Justice of the BC supreme Court was told that on her first day of Law School.

  2. Capitalism has no soul, no conscience. It cares only that it has access to markets. How it accesses them is but the means to the end - the bottom line. Most of our laws are definitely built to smooth the way.

  3. Excellent post.

    Truth and Justice are a myth, right in there in the same chapter as America is the Land of the Free. We are as free as the Koch Brothers let us be free.

    Doublespeak = bullshit = profits.

    Three different thoughts, but hey, I'm an older guy.

  4. The courts aren't about the truth, they are about the law, and who has a lot of power over the making of the laws? Judge Roy Bean was about the truth but that was some time ago.


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