Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Government-Hating Circle-Jerk Echo Chamber

The Old Lady says I should trademark or copyright that phrase.  Would that I could.  I came up with the phrase "Government-Hating Circle-Jerk Echo Chamber" after receiving numerous e-mails from a relative.  E-mails that were either Far-Right in nature or extremely racist Anti-Obama ones.  I have known for years that there are groups of individuals that send e-mails around to lists of people in their e-mail contacts.(Having been inflicted to e-mails by more than one individual.)  It was just recently that I thought of these groups as an electronic 'Circle-Jerk'.  The other two parts of the phrase are self-explanatory, everything from the Never-RightWingNut fringe is "Government-Hating".  Most of the e-mails are circulated to like-minded people so as to form an "Echo Chamber", because they keep reinforcing each other with these e-mails.  The sad fact is they don't think before they click on "Forward" and in this case the box should be labeled "Backward"!!

In a post last week I mentioned going back and forth with this person on FB.  (Actually I would have been better off arguing with a stump, at least when you get tired of arguing with the stump, you can sit on it and rest.)  One of the final straws was an e-mail about your order has been backordered and said due to explosive demand your order is backordered.  Then when you scrolled down there was a picture of Obama on an urinal cake holder in an urinal.  Now as much as I despise aWol, I would never do anything like this to him.  In fact, I wouldn't piss on aWol if he was on fire!!!


As a result of this and other racist e-mails, I sent him a goodbye e-mail asking him if his God was OK with his ignorance and bigotry??  His response was a reply that said "God loves you", like I give a shit about whether or not his imaginary friend likes me!!!!  He is one of the lunatic fringe that scares me, a Bible-Banging NRA nut.

The sad part is we grew up together are were good friends most of the time.  His father claims his ex-wife drove him crazy and he may have a point.  Seems like he got to be worse while he was a civilian employee for an Army aircraft facility in Texas.  While he hated Texas, working there seemed to reinforce the Hard-RightWing Military mindset.  He unfriended me on Facebook, but I'll survive.


  1. Love the cartoon. No racism on the far right.

  2. I've got a sister I love dearly, and she's got one of the biggest hearts, and is without a doubt the most caring and generous person on Earth, but she WON'T STOP SENDING ME THE SAME KIND OF BULLSHIT FORWARDS YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!! It makes me nuts!
    I've tried half a dozen tactics to get this stopped, everything short of ruining our relationship completely, and nothing seems to work.

    I began, at one point, to take each and every one of them through snopes.com and sending their disclaimers to her. Didn't work. I finally asked her if she would knowingly tell a lie about someone, and of course she said she wouldn't. Then I pointed out a pile of emails that were, in fact, out and out lies about Obama.
    I still get them from her.
    Love her too much to just slam the door on my older sister, so I just delete them now.
    But I don't put up with that shit from anyone else, and they all know it.
    You can't make them think, you can't tell them anything, and nothing anyone says (other than Faux and Limbaugh) ever gets through, so why bother?

  3. I let them slide for a while..but that only encourages them..so I finally said..look, you have to choices..quit sending me the right wing god loves guns and republicans and things liberals are ruining the war or I'll never speak to you again. for some reason they like speaking to me..who knew..they don't send them any more..no more God loves you but will send you to hell if you don't forward this to 10 friends.

  4. Well it would seem we all have a cretin relative or friend of this ilk. Mine was someone I grew up with, and later we went to college together. In other words, this guy is no dumb ass blind Palin follower. But, his undoing was...he was born agin...god almighty...born the fuck again. Just as Yellow Dog Granny, I told him...to please knock the emails about Obama off. I also told him that I couldn't understand how a "Christian" loving man could be passing on such hateful shit. He ignored me, and I finally had to relegate his emails to the spam column. Needless to say, I do not communicate with the fucker in any way, any longer.

  5. Just when I think you're a man of culture and breeding, I see that Canadian/Ukrainian guy, Blog Fodder, is a friend of yours! You'd better watch that fellow. I used to be a normal white man before I met him; now I'm a Tibetan Sherpa's wife.

    In regard to your subject here, I would refer you to what Skepticat recently wrote on the subject:


    She's an atheist in Mississippi, god rest her soul, because somebody will need to. I know that from experience. If you visit her, tell her hi for me.

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  7. @Snowbrush, I wouldn't call The Blog Fodder a friend just yet. He comments on a blog that I visit Lost in the Bozone and after there was a link to my post Some days i almost feel sorry for the poor bastards. He came over and decided to follow my blog.

    I will check out Skepticat.

  8. "I wouldn't call The Blog Fodder a friend..."

    At least there's that.

    "I will check out Skepticat as I don't have much of a life at this point in time!!"

    Maybe you can find a new life with Skepticat. One never knows.

  9. @Snowbrush, like "Bible Spice"(Palin) I can't be responsible for my followers.

  10. I have a right-wing friend I used to work with who sends me those types of e-mails. A lot of anti-Muslim stuff too. I can never resist arguing with her but I know it will never change her mind.

  11. You mean repeating a lie like "al quaida is targeting salad bars" before the vote for a food safety bill that is all about control and less about food safety?

  12. @-Sepp, where's your proof that anyone on the left put out that lie??? It's the right that's scared shitless of bogeymen like "al quaida"!! Once you can prove who lied and who didn't, come back and show me.

  13. @-Sepp, I see by your blogger profile you work for the government. Your comments and blog help to prove the point of this post. QUESTION, why do so many that WORK for the government hate the government??? Isn't that like biting the hand that feeds you??? Or are you a subversive mole trying to take down the government from the inside???

  14. Salad bars targeted by al-Qaeda?? Heh. We can guess where the lies come from. It sounds pretty pale compared to the big time lies from the Reich Wing. "Al-Qaeda hates us for our freedom." (No, but the Patriot Act fixed that.)"Saddam had connections to al-Qaeda." (No, but AQ had a field day killing Americans and Iraqis after Bush's unprovoked Blitzkrieg.) Our Fourth Reich follows the examples of the Third Reich with the Big Lie, as well as all the shared values of torture, imprisonment without charges or counsel, warrantless surveillance of citizens, and above all, war of aggression for politcal gain and profit for cronies.

    And let's not forget the Third Reich thugs also called their liberal opponants Communists, as we see the Fourth Reich fondly follows suit.

  15. Kulkuri --

    OK, this post was really funny. I was leaving the site when I said I would read just one more and then I found this. It has multi-faceted humor. Outside the basic post, it was funny in the graphics, funny in the text of the post and funny in the Labels, which literally made me laugh out loud and that doesn't happen very often.

    For example:

    1. "His response was a reply that said "God loves you", like I give a shit about whether or not his imaginary friend likes me!!!!

    2. My God has a hammer. Your God was nailed to a cross. Any questions.

    2. Then included in the labels: Fucking Stupid. LOL LOL LOL

    Yellowdog Granny --

    Are you a granny? If so, say something funny. I expect grannies to be amusing, else they are grandma's, like mine.


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