Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Yesterday morning while doing stuff in my hotmail account I saw this box on the side that said "Internet Explorer 9 Beta" and also "Free download".  I figured this would be one way to stop the Internet Explorer 8 upgrade pop-up from happening almost every time I fired my confuser up.  I had heard that some people were having problems with Internet Explorer 8, so I figured well version 9 should be better than 8, that's what I get for thinking.  After I got it downloaded and installed, I started surfing the intratubes.  Worked OK until I decided to do a post in blogger.  At first I couldn't do a link in the blog post. None of the icons above post body worked.  I went into blogger settings and put it back to the old editor(I had just switched to the new editor last week, thought I'd try it as it  was recommended.  After switching back to 'old editor' I was able to do the link in the post.  Later I was going to put up some pictures and after I uploaded them to the blog post and clicked on "Done" they disappeared.  Went back to using new editor and again none of the icons worked. 

After mentioning the problems I was having working in blogger after installing the new browser, The Old Lady(who knows a helluva lot more about confusers than I ever will) said, "Was it a Beta?  You never download a Beta as they haven't worked all the bugs out yet."

Then I remembered the info on the new browser mentioned there was an icon to click on to make it work with older browsers and websites.   It's next to where you type in the URL and looks like a page that has been ripped in half.  After I clicked on it I was able to work in blogger with the new editor and put up some pictures and a video. 
Yesterday I did a graphic about rock, paper, scissors.  This one is just scissors beats paper.


  1. The O' lady is right, don't mess with beta shit, it's for geeks to work with and tune up.

    I seldom use Internet Explorer, I just happen to get along good with Firefox.

  2. This morning I downloaded two new browsers, Opera and Firefox. Am busy test driving both.


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