Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is the weather report from the local weekly newspaper UP on the Tundra.  What's interesting is that as of Jan. 15th there have been 119 inches of snow where my place is and about 30 miles away to the West the total is only about half.  About 30 miles to the Northwest the total is about 1/3th.

Recently we had a couple inches of snow here in Hot-Lanta followed by freezing rain.  The area was basically shut down for most of the week.  Personally I would rather be UP on the Tundra when it snows than here as it is a lot easier to deal with the snow there than here.


  1. Actually, add another foot or so to make it reflect the Retirement Bunker's reality. Chris Ford's yard never gets as much snow as our place.

  2. Once there's a few feet on the ground, the rest of it is just icing on the cake so to speak.

  3. almost 60 here today..cold by monday though.but no snow.


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