Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Totem, The Bear

Ever since I learned about people believing in totems, I've thought if I've got a totem, it would be the bear.  And No, it would not be Yogi Bear, even tho I have said at times that I am smarter than the average bear.(Judging by what I see in real life and in the media, that ain't saying a helluva lot!!)

I have never been morning friendly, usually growling at anyone who dared to wake me before my internal clock did.  Lately I've noticed that I am kind of hibernating, I sleep longer during winter than I do the rest of the year.  This may or may not be a sign of something.  Could just be that as I don't really have much to do there's no reason to get up early. 

Usually in March when the weather starts to warm up a little and the snow UP on the Tundra starts to melt, I perk up.  Problem is there is usually too much snow(UP on the Tundra) to do anything, so I do things like spread ashes on the snowbanks so they will melt faster.  Here where there isn't any snow, it just means I won't be as likely to find an excuse not to go for a walk as I am when the weather is cold(for here that is).

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  1. i think my totem would be the cat.
    no one lives a better life than the house cat.


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