Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Most Persecuted Or The Biggest Whiners??

Salon.com has an article about how rich white conservatives are being persecuted. It gives examples of how some on the right have made up stories about being attacked by the evil "libruls", but usually the truth comes out eventually. The problem is a lot of people hear the original story and very few hear the truth. Then there is the "Government-Hating Circle-Jerk Echo Chamber" that forwards the story of the attack, but not the follow-up story that shows the attack was made up and/or self-inflicted.
Even when they controlled all three branches of the government, Congress, White House and the Supreme Court, they acted like they were a weak, pitiful minority being picked on the all-powerful "libruls"!!
H/T to Skippy for the link to the article.


  1. Standard fascist approach - portray those you are conspiring against as the conspirators, those you are persecuting as the persecutors.


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