Saturday, January 28, 2012

Try Religion??


  1. And the stupid shall inherit the earth...or, some such shit.

  2. I am no theologin but it seems to me that some of these science deniers need to do a check up from the necj up! When somebody's child dies after getting struck by a car they claim that - It is God's will or some nonsense. And, they will state that God created everything just like it says in Genisis.
    So? Isn't all of what happens the work of God? So, warmer temperatures and the ice cap melting isn't God doing that? All creatures are wrks of God so - the giant jellyfish we areseeing off Japan that have grown in warmer waters are his work as are the warmer waters (seven feet across).

    I believe that we can marry religion and science. Alas, religion trumps reason.


  3. That's why the GOP is God's Own Party.

  4. Back in the USSR, they married "science" to "religion" and gave us scientific socialism". Anytime religion is involved as Sarge said, reason is the loser.


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