Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Advance Voting

Today we went and did our bit by advance voting. After we had voted and were leaving, The Old Lady commented, "If only they could give us a chip to cancel all the ads on TV." This time we were in and out in no time compared to the early voting last month. Even tho they only had half the machines as before, we barely had time to fill out the form before we were in the room where the voting machines were.

Now that the TV's are going digital, the next improvement could be a way to stop the ads after you have voted. Wouldn't that be an incentive for people to get out and vote early!!


  1. i think australia has the best idea..voting is mandatory...yafta vote..

  2. Advance voting for what? It's all over.

    Ads on TV? They still have ads on TV? I would turn mine on to see but ads irritate me.

    Monkeys watch ads, I don't.

  3. Thank you for doing your part! Dang, we got three or four flyers yesterday. A couple of them want us to be really afraid of liberal democrats.

    Okay - I'm afraid. Now stop with the ads and mailers already!

    Love your wife's idea of the chip.

  4. I agree and I am tired of those Suxby negative ads. No substance.

  5. I hear Sarah is heading your way - DUCK!!!!!!


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