Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans, Who Loves You??

Found a link to at Crooks and Liars. Bob Geiger has a very good post on who is on the side of Vets and who only gives them lip service. I have never been able to understand why veteran's groups like the VFW and American Legion always support the Repukes when they never return the favor. In explaining why he voted against a new G.I. Bill, Sen. John Cornyn of TX said:
"I know it is not his intention, but Senator Webb's bill actually would encourage people not to reenlist by providing a perverse incentive to leave early in order to obtain the benefits they would receive after 3 years of service. We need to make sure we encourage continuation of service, retention in the military in the best interests of our All-Volunteer military force."

They make all kinds of fancy speeches on Veteran's Day and on Memorial Day, but when they have a chance to actually help the vets and their families they refuse because they want the troops to stay in the military and continue to put theirs lives at risk with very little in return for their sacrifice.

It was the G.I. Bill that made this country strong after the Big One, WWII. Now if someone can no longer go to war because of their injuries or have decided not to re-enlist because they have enough war, they are basically told by Right-Wing War Mongering SissyHawks to go away, you are no longer of any value to us!!

As a Veteran who served during 'Nam because I was too dumb to go around the lake to go to Canada, this attitude by the RWWMSH really pisses me off!! Especially when I see how many of these SissyHawks (I won't call them Chicken Hawks because that is a fierce little bird that can take on Foghorn Leghorn) had quote, " other priorities in the 60's"!! Sometimes I think we need to go up to each person that votes for these assholes and smack them between the eyes with a 2X4 to get their attention!!

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  1. can't see how any one in the military can vote for a replublican after what bush did to the vets..when he first came into his presidency he did it saying he was going to help the vets..first thing the asshole did was cut all the progams and benefits for them...


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